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Friday, November 23, 2007

Maddie's Second Thanksgiving of the year...

Moving to China means working on Thanksgiving. When we were in Saudi, the weekend fell on Thursday and Friday so the only work to be done was cooking, beverage partaking, and swimming! Moving to China has meant work. Maddie had her party at school on Thanksgiving which is great, but we were also able to have a Thanksgiving meal at home Thursday night! Once again, we invited Todd, Tonya, and Cooper over for a meal of sorts. The meal was definitely pulled together at the last minute, but they are such good friends of ours that it's really about the company not the food. We ordered a turkey from Eurest, the school's cafeteria, the day before and then Andy made gingered carrots and boxed mashed potatoes. Tonya brought over a great bottle of Chinese wine and Todd brought over balloons to entertain the kids.

Maddie always has fun playing with Cooper as they are like brother and sister. Andy always gets to unwind with Todd as he's one of the few people that don't see Andy as the Deputy, and Tonya and I.... well, we just gel. Pretty soon Bauer and Amelia will start forming a relationship!!

Thanks for the memories and a Happy Thanksgiving! Tag, you're it for next year!!!

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  • At November 23, 2007 at 9:02 PM , Blogger b said...

    We just returned from our 47th weding anniversary dinner with friends. What would I do without Maddie Minute? Thinking of you all.



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