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Friday, November 9, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself... where are we and how did we get here? I have a four year old daughter who goes to SCHOOL... Not a daycare - not a nursery school - not a preschool. I must be growing up.

Maddie's report card came home last week which made me crack up for two years in a row. Every report card Maddie has received ALWAYS says something like "Maddie can count to 65.... WHEN SHE WANTS TO." This little sweet child of mine is so her own person and everything has to be her idea most of the time. I love her for it...

The pic to the left is her thank you note to us for attending her conferences. As you can see, she copied Dear Mommy quite well, but what is even cooler is that she wrote rainbow under her paw there. Ms. Preeti sounded it out and Maddie wrote what she heard - R-A-N-B-O!

Not too shabby kiddo!!! Keep sliding on those rainbows and everything will be just fine!!!



  • At November 10, 2007 at 6:18 PM , Anonymous sissy said...

    This little niece of mine is barely four years old! Look at what she is doing already! Good job, Miss Maddie!


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